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Dr. Brett Jones

Welcome to Dr. Brett Jones Mighty Network

The evolution of humanity is here, NOW. Are you ready?


Dr. Brett Jones is the CEO of Kairos Training Culture, a conscious collective of people who are looking to evolve to the next stage of their lives. Kairos Training Culture was birthed out of a need, originally within the context of chiropractic, to evolve the art of chiropractic in order order to elevate human consciousness. 

Through the training, business development, and progression of facilitation, this once chiropractic focused community began to grow and extend the principals of intentional living into multiple offers for all. 

Why You Should Join Us

Whether you are looking for live events, online programs, books, meditation, breath work, movement, or coaching, there is something for you HERE within this community. 

We've cultivated transformational experiences for people across the globe for the last 8 years, and this work is needed now more than ever. 

This is an opportunity to claim more of yourself, stand in your power, and upgrade to the next version of YOU. 


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

To our online and in person communities for navigating with us, your trust, and continued commitment to your growth. It is our promise to bring authentic, open, compassionate, real experiences to you. 

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